Trying to figure out the Dallas Bail Bonds process? Let’s break down the bail bond process that Southern Bail Bonds deals with daily in our Dallas Bail Bond office.

Dallas Bail Bonds Process

1) A person is arrested for allegedly committing a crime, and is taken to jail.

2) Family members and friends of the person arrested are notified of the arrest and they start looking into whether or not they can post a bond. The person arrested has to go before the magistrate and have their charges set along with a bond amount (if allowed).

3) The arrested person will most likely either call a Dallas Bail Bonds company, a family member or a friend to discuss posting a bail bond. If the arrested person calls us at Southern Bail Bonds, we will gather phone numbers for family and friends and make the remaining phone calls so the defendant doesn’t have to.

4. Southern Bail Bonds often acts as the middle-man between the arrested person and their family members because we accept collect phone calls from the Lew Sterrett Justice Center (Dallas County jail).

5) Our experienced bail bond agents in Dallas will explain the process to everybody involved and determine the best way to proceed with processing the bail bond. We have the ability to process your Dallas bail bond by fax if necessary.

6) We will request that the bail bond cosigner provide us with certain information, like proof of employment and a valid ID. Most cosigners prefer to come in the office so they get to meet the Dallas Bail Bond Agents they are dealing with.

7) There is paperwork to be completed by the bond cosigner(s), and once that paperwork is complete and all requirements have been met, Southern Bail Bonds will post the bail bond as quickly as possible, and the detention facility will start the release process. At Lew Sterrett jail in Dallas, the release process can take anywhere from 4 hours to 8 hours depending on how busy they are.

8) Once the defendant is released, they will be required to come into the Southern Bail Bonds office in Dallas within 12 hours after release to complete their paperwork. At that time our bail bond agents will go over the defendants requirements to keep their bond in compliance. We’ll discuss check-in procedures (which will be based on the bond), review any payment arrangements, court attendance, court attire, etc.

9) The defendant is required to meet check-in requirements and must also attend every court date or risk losing their bond. If this happens, the co-signer is responsible for repaying the entire bail bond amount.

10) If the defendant misses a court date and it is an honest accident, the defendant and/or the co-signer should contact Southern Bail Bonds immediately at 214-372-2500 so that we can work with the court to get the bond reinstated. The defendant will be required to pay a reinstatement fee to the court.

11) If the defendant forfeits their bond (jumps bail), a bounty hunter will be contracted to track down the individual and return them to court and the cosigner will be responsible for covering all bounty hunter expenses incurred by our bail bond office.

If you or a family member do have the misfortune of being arrested – Southern Bail Bonds can provide you with a Dallas County Bail Bond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Call us  at 214-372-2500.  We’re ready to help!

Author: Patrick Hill