2014 Great Texas Warrant Roundup

Law enforcement agencies all across Texas have joined together to actively serve outstanding arrest warrants. The Dallas City Marshall’s Office again joins the annual state-wide effort this year.

The Warrant Roundup Starts today (March 1). The mission of the roundup is to reduce the number of outstanding warrants throughout the state. Law enforcement officers will be arresting anyone who has unpaid citations that have gone to warrant.
If you have an outstanding warrant or a delinquent traffic, misdemeanor (Class C) citation, or delinquent parking citations please call us at 214-372-2500. We can help you resolve your warrant and avoid being arrested.

Offenders who have not resolved their warrants are subject to having a hold placed on the renewal of their vehicle registration. They are also subject to having their driver license renewals denied, and being arrested and jailed. a hold being placed on the renewal of their vehicle registration with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (Scofflaw Program) or being arrested and jailed. In Dallas and other cities, drivers may also be subject to denial of their driver’s license renewal.

Dallas Bail Bonds

Need to resolve your warrant? We can help. Contact us at: Southern Bail Bonds. We provide Dallas County Bail Bonds for felony, misdemeanor and traffic related offenses. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at 214-372-2500. We’re ready to help!

Author: Patrick Hill