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Google Adwords Bans Bail Bonds Advertising

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Bail Bonds Agencies Can No Longer Market Using Google Adwords Google, through a blog post published in early May 2018, announced a new policy that disallows ads promoting bail bond services. What drove Google to this decision? Are bail bonds service providers really that bad? Why Google Banned Bail Bonds Adwords According to Google, their [...]

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Randy Quaid Sues Bail Bond Company

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Randy Quaid Sues Bail Bonds Company Randy Quaid, the down and out actor, and his wife Evi were arrested for burglary and illegal squatting in the guest house of their former residence back in September, 2010. Since then they have missed court dates and attempted to flee to Canada claiming they were being persecuted in [...]

Michael Dunn Verdict

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Dallas Bail Bonds Update on Michael Dunn Verdict Juror No. 4 Valerie, who has asked that her full name not be disclosed in order to protect her privacy, believes Michael Dunn should have bee convicted of first degree murder in the fatal shooting death of Jordan Davis. During an interview with ABC's Nightline on Wednesday [...]

Michael Dunn Loud Music Murder Trial

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Loud Music Murder Trial. A Florida jury is now deliberating the fate of a white Florida resident accused of murdering a black teen during an argument at a gas station over the teen’s loud music. The jury’s decision could come today in this highly watched and highly publicized case. Michael Dunn claims he acted in [...]

A. C. Gonzales Named New Dallas City Manager

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New Dallas City Manager A.C. Gonzales Interim City Manager A.C. Gonzalez has been named Dallas City Manager by a vote of 15-0. Gonzalez has been with the City of Dallas for 14 years, and has served in municipal management positions for 28 years. Gonzalez was appointed Interim City Manager in June, 2013. Even though the [...]

Allen, TX Man Convicted In Brutal Assault

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Allen Man Convicted of Kidnapping And Assault Joseph Julian Guerra was sentenced to 60 years in prison by a Collin County jury for the abduction and savage beating of Margaret Dodd in his Allen, TX home in July, 2012. Guerra was also fined $10,000. Guerra was charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault. During the [...]

Importance of Bail Bonds Recognized

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Bail Bonds Importance In Other States Lawmakers in Wisconsin are trying to resurrect private bail bonding in the state. Wisconsin has not had a private bail bonds industry since 1979. It appears about two years ago lawmakers tried unsuccessfully to expand the state’s budget by allowing privately run bail bonds companies in the state [...]

Please Pray For Our Country!

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I couldn't believe it - here we go AGAIN!! Another psychopath has decided to take the lives of innocent people, this time in our nation's capital! I have so many thoughts and emotions about these types of events that I don't even know where to start. How did we get here? Over the past 25 [...]

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TX-DOT Click It Or Ticket Campaign

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The Texas Department of Transportation (TX-DOT) launched its 12 annual Click It or Ticket campaign at a press conference today, Monday 20, 2013. The campaign is inspired by the legacy of President Johnson, who 45 years ago signed legislation requiring automakers to install seat belts in all automobiles. The legislation signed by President L. Johnson [...]