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Jail Release With Dallas County Bail Bonds

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Getting Out Of Jail With Dallas County Bail Bonds Ok, you’ve been arrested and are sitting in a Dallas County jail and need Dallas County Bail Bonds!! ☹ Right now these is only one thing going through your mind – how do I get OUT?!? There are generally only a few ways to accomplish this [...]

Tips On Preparing For Your Day In Court

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Dallas Bail Bondsman Tips on Going To Court   #1 TIP - Do not miss your court date MOST IMPORTANT: Don't miss any of your court dates without being excused by the judge, prosecutor, public defender or your lawyer in advance of your court date. For criminal cases, not appearing in court will most likely [...]

Need To Check Dallas Bail Bond Amounts and Court Dates?

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First Things First... Your friend or loved one has been arrested and you just want to know whats going on.  Well here are some helpful links to the Dallas County Sherrif's Department that may help you get some answers. Check Dallas Bail Bond Amounts: The easiest way to check the Bail Bond amounts yourself in [...]

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